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MESI EducationMESI EducationMESI Education

MESI Paramedics participating in a Cold Weather and Avalanche Exercise at Snowbowl

Advanced Life Support:
MESI provides ALS service for all 9-1-1 calls from the citizens of Missoula and the surrounding counties.  Advanced Life Support service means that there is at least one paramedic onboard the ambulance who has advanced training in cardiac monitoring and defibrillation, IV therapy, and the administration of drugs.

Basic Life Support:
For long distance transports requiring minimal medical supervision and for routine medical transportation from hospitals, physician's offices, diagnostic centers and nursing or convalescent homes, MESI also provides BLS service.

Critical Care Transport:
Missoula Emergency Service provides Paramedic Critical Care Transport to preserve patients' continuity of sophisticated intensive care and cardiac care when bad weather precludes a medical helicopter from flying or when increased call volume necessitates ground transportation.  MESI also works very closely with Care Flight and Life Flight in providing Neonatal Transports and hospital based CCT team transports.

Back Country Emergency Response Team (BERT):
MESI, in collaboration with Missoula County Search and Rescue has developed a specialized medical team to assist with remote medical and traumatic emergencies in Montana's back country which is subject to extreme and rapidly changing weather conditions.

Special Event Medical Standbys:
Missoula Emergency Services special event medical standby teams receive specific training to address the emergency medical needs of spectators and event participants alike during events in Missoula County including:

Sporting Events
Motors Sports

MESI makes a concerted effort to remain on the cutting edge of mobile medical technology. Some of the state-of-art products and procedures employed by Missoula Emergency Services are:

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP):
MESI has purchased and fully implemented Continuous Positive Airway Pressure devices for its ambulance professionals as an approved method of supporting respiratory ventilation for patients with respiratory failure.  CPAP is also useful in preventing the need for endotracheal intubation and allows for earlier extubationfor chronic sufferers of respiratory illness.

ST-Elevated Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Treatment:

STEMI is a rapid primary coronary intervention protocol to restore blood flow in a blocked coronary. MESI paramedics can diagnose STEMI heart attacks quickly and can trigger the activation of an entire system, which allows patients to enter a virtual express lane to the heart catheterization lab team at the nearest STEMI hospital.

Intra-Osseous Infusion System (EZ- IO):
The EZ-IO offers a safe controlled vascular access for intra-venous medications during emergencies when typical access is challenging or impossible.  This route of fluid and medication administration is an alternative one to the preferred IV route, especially during pediatric emergencies.

12-Lead Electrocardiogram (ECG):
Frontline MESI ALS ambulances are equipped with a 12-lead EKG device that measures the electrical activity of the heartbeat and can help medical personnel determine if a heart attack has occurred. Each unit is equipped with wireless transmission capability so the EKG readings can be immediately sent to the receiving hospital, saving valuable time and allowing hospital physicians the critical ability to read EKGs prior to patient arrival.

MegaCode Kelly:

To enhance training, MESI has invested in a full-body, lifelike manikin designed for the practice of advanced, difficult and obstructed airway scenarios and IV therapy.  MegaCode Kelly allows cardiac defibrillation, measurement of non-invasive blood pressure, and the recognition of heart, breath and abnormal sounds.

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Missoula Emergency Services, Inc. Education Department, offers several free or below cost courses for local youth and adult programs. These courses are also offered to local emergency response agencies including rural and city fire departments, the Missoula County Sheriff's Department, Missoula City Police Department and some adjacent counties' agencies ( Lake, Granite and Ravalli Counties etc.). MESI presents the roster of education MESI offered between the Fall of 2007 and the Spring of 2008 as follows:

Special note:
Scholarship for Fire Departments– MESI provides medical stand-by services for community and charitable causes without charge or for a below cost fee for the following list of community events and campaigns:

  • Advanced Airway Skills
  • Careers in Science/Senior Project Mentor Programs
  • Sentinel High School, Hellgate High School, Big Sky High School
  • Project Mentor Programs
  • EMT Basic Course
  • CPR and Officer First Aide
  • EMT Basic Refresher
  • EMT Endorsement Course
  • EMT Paramedic Refresher
  • Advanced Medication
  • Skills
  • CPR and Baby-Sitting
  • Care/First Aide
  • St. Ignatius Fire Ambulance
  • Clinton Fire Department, Arlee Fire Department, Greenough QRU
  • Missoula County Sheriffs Department
  • Missoula City Police Department, Frenchtown Fire, Community Medical
    Center, Seeley Lake Fire, Florence Fire, Missoula
  • City Fire Department
  • Missoula City Fire Department
  • Community Medical Center
  • Florence Fire Department
  • Marcus Daly Ambulance
  • Skills Seeley Lake Fire Department
  • Missoula Girl Scouts

MESI offers the following additional education courses:

First Aid and CPR Classes- MESI currently offers First Aid and CPR classes to not-for-profit organizations including City, County, and State organizations. MESI provides this service at no cost.

Technical Emergency Medical Services  At MESI's expense all personnel have been educated for police SWAT Team medical stand-bys  The purpose of this training is to provide highly trained medics to operate in a SWAT environment to protect and care for the City's police officers. MESI stands by at all SWAT situations at no cost to the City.

Fire Stand-by MESI responds an ALS ambulance to stand by at all structure fires until the ambulance crew is released by the incident commander. MESI's objective is to be available to assist injured patients or firefighters and to assist in the rehab process for city or county fire fighters at the fire scene. MESI does this at no cost.

Hazardous Materials Incident Stand-by  MESI responds an ALS ambulance to stand by at all hazardous materials incidents until the ambulance crew is released by the incident commander. MESI's objective is to be available to assist the injured and to rehab city or county fire fighters should they become exhausted. MESI does this at no cost.

Disaster Drill Training  MESI works closely with all city and county agencies during disaster drills. When preparing for a manmade or natural disaster, MESI donates all ambulances and personnel to perform these important mock drills.

Law Enforcement Testing   At the request of law enforcement agencies during physical testing MESI has provided ambulance stand-by at no cost to the requesting agency.

Fire Department Re-Supply Services- MESI restocks all disposable supplies used by the fire departments for emergency medical patients. MESI also pays for the oxygen used by the Missoula City Fire Department during an emergency response.

 MESI provides ride along opportunities for City firefighters and the department's EMS students during EMT training. We also provide community members ride along experiences upon request. This service is provided at no cost.

Disaster Trailer (1 of 7 in the State)   The State of Montana trusts MESI to be the custodian for one of seven disaster trailers placed throughout the State. The majority of these trailers were given to ambulance providers since they have proven to be very flexible in responding to disasters outside of their normal response area.

National Disaster Response Services-
In 2005, Missoula Emergency Services and Great Falls Emergency Services responded to Hurricane Rita national disaster in Texas. When the Montana based ambulances arrived in Texas, it was evident that FEMA was not organized and that the EMS providers did not have the most essential of supplies. MESI's General Manager, Don Whalen responded by gathering supplies and driving them to Texas. David Kuhn's personal efforts generated more than $60,000 in donations for supplies. MESI then purchased $60,000 in supplies and had them immediately delivered to waiting EMS responders in Texas and Louisiana.

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Community Services:

Community Stand-by 
MESI provides medical stand-by services for community and charitable causes without charge or for a below cost fee for the following list of community events and campaigns:

  • Football
  • Rodeos
  • Soccer
  • Cross Country

    Other Events

  • First Night Missoula
  • Downtown Tonight
  • Walmart Safety Day
  • Kid Fest (Spring and Fall)
  • PSouth Gate Mall- Fireworks
  • Little Grizzly Football
  • U of M Athletics
  • Western Montana Fair (Paramedic)
  • The YMCA's 3-on3 Tournaments
  • Street Jam
  • Shrine Circus
  • Heart Walk
  • Relay for Life
  • Senior Olympics
  • Special Olympics
  • Summer Games
  • Grizzly Dip
  • Marathon`s
  • Bitterroot Run
  • Mountain West Classic
  • River Bank Run
  • UM Trail Fest

    Show and Tell :
    Missoula Emergency Services provides Show and Tell demonstrations for local youth groups upon request and at no cost. MESI EMTs allow the class participants a chance to view and touch the ambulance and emergency medical supplies while reinforcing what steps the students should take during an actual medical emergency. This event is often requested by the following entities:

  • Watsons Children Shelter
  • Girl Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Moms' Club
  • Valley Christian School
  • Kids' Fest
  • Daycare Facilities
  • Walmart Safety Day
  • Missoula County Fair

    Drinking and Driving Prevention Education  Annually, MESI participates in a multi- agency live re-enactment demonstrating the dangers of drinking and driving for area high school students. MESI participates and/or leads these events at no cost.

    Donating Ambulances MESI, whenever possible, will do what they can to assist and promote ambulance coverage throughout Missoula and surrounding counties. MESI donated fully stocked ambulances to the communities of Stevensville and Victor when these communities were left stranded without an ambulance provider. MESI also donated an ambulance to the City of Missoula Police Department. The department currently uses the donated ambulance to carry the department's specialized SWAT equipment. In 2009, MESI will be donating an ambulance for the Missoula County Sheriff's Department.

    Blood Pressure Clinics  Upon request, and on an ongoing monthly basis, MESI professionals provide blood pressure check-ups for senior citizens residing in local nursing homes. MESI provides this service at no cost.

    Public Assists and Lifts  When dispatched by the 9-1-1 center, MESI responds an ALS ambulance to help citizens who need assistance in their homes (i.e., lifting or transferring individuals from a chair to a bed, etc.). MESI provides this service at no cost to the City or patients.

    Code Blue Billing- Whenever an infant dies in the community, MESI does not bill the parents for the emergency response.

    Indigent Response and Transport At city police officers' requests, MESI transports at least five hundred (500) indigent s to area hospitals. Many of these transported individuals are intoxicated and/or suffering from weather exposure. These victims are unable and/or unwilling to pay for ambulance services. To date, MESI has never billed the City for these indigent transports.

    Public Service Announcements  
    MESI has welcomed the opportunity to help educate the community through radio and T.V. commercials regarding injury and illness prevention, specifically; pull to the right for emergency vehicles, fall prevention, proper access of 911 services, firearm safety, Halloween safety, etc.


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