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Dave Kuhn Missouls Emergency Services David Kuhn, President of the largest, privately held 9-1-1 ambulance companies in the State of Montana has made his third visit to Washington D.C. in recent months to visit with U.S. Senators and Senior Policy Advisers from Montana and Idaho.

David was able to spend some time with Senator Baucus, Chairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee during the Senator's birthday party in Washington. There, they took a few minutes to discuss Medicare's desire to reduce mileage reimbursement and the impact that will have on Montana operations.

David also exchanged recommendations regarding current challenges for providing prompt, well equipped and professionally-staffed ambulance services throughout the nation but more specifically in Montana. Additionally, and in support of the American Ambulance Association's legislative initiatives, David exchanged recommendations regarding other current, pending and future EMS legislation. As a major EMS employer in the state, Mr. Kuhn's companies, Great Falls Emergency Services and Missoula Emergency Services offer advanced life support and critical care paramedic level ambulance services throughout Cascade and Missoula counties since 1994 and 1993 respectively.

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